Andrew MacDonald

The Business of Ministry

A failed teen romance and an interest in youth ministry led Andrew to Tyndale.

“I was in London, England working with Youth for Christ, thought I was in love and wanted to pursue university studies there.”

His plans, for a variety of reasons, failed to come to fruition and with a family legacy with Tyndale he opted to start his academic life here.

An initial interest in youth ministry was changed early on to a pursuit in Business administration.

“I watched my dad with his ministry and his greatest frustrations stemmed from the general lack of understanding of business practices not being employed or followed and therefore lead the organization to ineffective and inefficient ministry. I wanted to study business and bring those skills to ministry work.”

Now with WorldVision, Andrew credits Tyndale for helping him blend the academic experience with the practical training necessary to be competitive for his first job. As a student he interned with WorldVision and it lead directly to his current job. Beyond this instrumental nature of his experience Andrew credits the university for the heart that he brings to his work.

"I wanted to study business and bring those skills to ministry work.”

“One challenge I face regularly is bringing dignity to those we are raising money to support. There are marketing tactics that would raise much more money but I have to serve the interest of those we serve with dignity otherwise the greater mission might be lost.

“That is what makes the Tyndale experience so powerful, I was prepared to ask and answer the dignity question,” he says.

“I bring, not only to my work, but my life a greater understanding of business and biblical principles. Professor Penne’s hermeneutics class taught me to dig deeper, apply context, and ask the next question which will serve me over the course of my time here.”

Andrew McDonald is a 2006 Business graduate from the University College. He now works as coordinator for Donor Relations at World Vision Canada.