Dave Roberts

Destined for a Life of Ministry

With Tyndale playing such a large role in three generations of his family history, it seemed almost inevitable that Dave Roberts would become part of a Tyndale graduating class. Dave, however, had some plans of his own.

Dave became a Christian at age 8 and was baptized at 10 years old. Yet moving into his adolescent years and struggling, he did not wish to follow his family heritage. Determined not to become another Fellowship Baptist Pastor, Dave enrolled at McMaster University to pursue a career in Accounting. During that time Dave was anonymously sponsored to attend Urbana, a student mission's conference in Illinois. The sponsor turned out to be his Grandmother. After hearing Billy Graham speak, Dave decided it was time to recommit his life to the Lord. Consequently, Dave did not return to McMaster that fall, but instead enrolled in Ontario Bible College to pursue a BRE with a Pastoral major.

Dave graduated in 1984 and along with his wife Sandy, also an OBC graduate (1983), remained at OBC where they served for four years before moving to the mission field. From 1990 to 2002, Dave and his family were involved in Leadership Development as missionaries in Zambia with AEF/SIM.

Dave now resides in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario and has returned to Tyndale University College & Seminary as the Missions Mentor, as part of his ministry with MissionPrep. He also continues his work with SIM. Dave now considers his family heritage to be a wonderful blessing and loves the opportunities he has to interact with those pursing missionary work. His advice to those pursuing missions is to understand and embrace the lifestyle of the Great Commission being missional. After all, the mission field is right at our doorstep and the Great Commission is for everyone.