Happy New Year. Connections, seminars, reunions and more!

January 2013

On behalf of the Tyndale family of students, faculty and staff - God’s best for you and your family in 2013.

Revelation 21:5 says: He who was seated on the throne said, “Look, I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

As the first month of the year, January symbolizes newness, beginnings and hope.

January is an important time at Tyndale. A new semester gives Tyndale students the opportunity to begin studies again; a chance to learn from a respected professor and the prospect of digging deeply into a subject you love.

In Revelation 21:5 the word “new” comes from the Greek word “Kaina” which means renewed or restored, and includes circumstances and conditions along with appearance.

As we move into the New Year, we look forward to the “new” opportunities ahead of us throughout 2013. On April 1st we “receive the keys” to our “new” Tyndale campus. Along with this, we look forward to opportunities, partnerships, courses and degree offerings. It is indeed a season of “newness.”

Our challenge is moving into this season with a newness of heart. God has promised to give us a newness that leads to creativity and a joy that spills over in all areas of our life. If ever we needed God’s newness in our lives and on our campus, it is now.

Please remember that we are praying for you - our family of Tyndale Alumni. May you live in the joy of Christ’s newness in you.

Blessings upon you,

Blessings upon you and your family this winter,

Rev. Dr. Rob Patterson
Director, Alumni & Church Relations

Linda Dixon [MDiv 1996] is an ordained Methodist minister with more than 15 years of urban and rural pastoral experience. After serving in South Eastern Ontario for many years, Linda and her husband decided to return to Toronto to provide greater support for his then ailing mother.It was upon their return two years ago that Linda became the Executive Director of Stonegate Ministry which sees Christian churches working together to serve poor, marginalized and disenfranchised people. This is a ministry that she is passionate about.

Linda and Glenn enjoy their children and now seven grandchildren. Her grandchildren laughingly describe her by singing the song “Little old lady from Pasedena”. This family joke started when Linda studied leadership at a Doctoral level at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena. They particularly enjoy the chorus “Go Granny! Go Granny! Go Granny Go!!!”

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Upcoming Events

February 5: Distinguished Alumni Nominees Deadline
February 5, 2013. This is a date you need to remember. Why? Because if you know of someone who graduated from Tyndale (or TBC, OBC, OTS,LCBM) and reflects exemplary Christian character, intellectual maturity, spiritual vigour, moral integrity and has demonstrated excellence in his/her vocation then we need to know. February 5th is the deadline for you to submit their name for consideration for this year's Distinguished Alumni. Let us know your nominee.

February 9: Tyndale Varsity Alumni day
Calling all Alumni varsity athletes! This year’s leaders in intramural basketball and volleyball want to see if they can take you down. This will be a great opportunity to re-connect with former teammates, establish new friendships and compete in a game that we know you love.

February 26: Tuition Free Forward Day
Tuesday, February 26, 2013.

March 2: RA Alumni Floor Hockey
Pull out your hockey stick (plastic blades only of course), dust off your running shoes and start getting in shape! If you are a former Resident Advisor of Tyndale, or a current one, we look forward to having you participate in our annual Alumni RA floor hockey challenge!

March 22: Preaching Conference
Preachers need both inspiration and practical tools in order to meet the challenge of proclaiming the gospel in the 21st century. Tyndale’s annual preaching conference will affirm your ministry of preaching and will equip you for effective communication of God’s Word. Discount rate available for Alumni.

April 2: Save the Date - Golden Milers Reunion
Toronto Bible College and London College of Bible and Missions Class of 1963 Reunion
Tuesday, April 02, 2013. The Alumni team is pleased to host a Golden Milers reunion for the TBC and LCBM class of 1963 on April 02, 2013. Alumni will have a wonderful opportunity to re-connect as well as join the Tyndale community at Graduation chapel service at the Bayview Chapel.

April 2: Class of 1952 Reunion

Tuesday, April 02, 2013. Ruth Harrison (Class of 1952) and the Alumni team are pleased to host a reunion on April 02, 2013. Alumni will have a wonderful opportunity to re-connect as well as join the Tyndale community at Graduation chapel service at the Bayview Chapel.

April 2: Save the Date - Seminary Class of 1988 Reunion
Tuesday, April 02, 2013. Vincent Lee (MDiv 1988) and the Alumni team are pleased to host a reunion for the Seminary Class of 1988 on April 02, 2013. Alumni will have a wonderful opportunity to re-connect as well as join the Tyndale community at Graduation chapel service at the Bayview Chapel.

April 6: Growing Your Leadership Confidence Workshop
TUCS & NextLEVEL Leadership (Bayview Campus)
Women everywhere want to be successful in their lives and in their leadership. Yet, if you have found that the leadership journey that once beckoned you with promises of profound purpose is leaving you feeling less confident than ever, perhaps it is time for a fresh perspective. Come and join other gifted women as NextLEVEL Leadership facilitates a day exploring the myths and reality of where to find your leadership confidence.

Employment Opportunities:
Manager, Campus Services & Sales - (Tyndale)

Campus Host - (Tyndale)

Financial Aid Officer (Tyndale)

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Tyndale Courses
Spring & Summer 2013
Choose from over 30 courses offered between May and July 2013. Courses include: Spiritual Warfare, Globalization & the Church, Aging, Mission & Ministry and more!

Leading your congregation into Missional Ministry
Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre offers courses throughout the winter and spring. Courses include Bible Interpretation, OT-NT Survey, Basic Bible Doctrines, Intercultural Leadership, God’s mission & His church etc. Be equipped for intercultural ministries here in Toronto!

Israel Study Tour 2013
Tyndale, working with the University of the Holy Land, is offering a for-credit study tour of Israel in 2013. The course includes preparation in Toronto and three weeks in Israel (May 13-June 2) providing students of the Bible a rich, on-site learning experience.


Emma Musser Lane (TBC, 1938)
Robert Cooch (Class of 1959)
Gerald Scott Jackson (BTh, 1959)
Winnifred Wallace (TBC ,1952 )
Thomas Hughie Sykes (TBC, 1964)
Margaret Swan Stevens (BRE, 1967)

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