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Chul-Un (Peter) Ro (MTS, 2001) Chul-Un Ro was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal for his achievements in acid rain studies in February 2013. As a physical scientist at Environment Canada for 25 years, Mr. Ro has been a critical contributor to the advancement of acid rain...
Posted by: Chul-Un (Peter) Ro (Class of 2001)   |   Tyndale
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Colleen (MacLeod BRE 1990) and I moved to Wainwright, Alberta as of January 2013 to pastor in the Evangelical Free Church of Wainwright after serving 12 years at the Meeting Creek Evangelical Free Church.
Posted by: Marvin & Colleen Penner (Class of 1990)   |   Ontario Bible College
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After I graduated Tyndale, got married and settled into Ottawa, I needed a hobby.  That hobby turned out to be community radio. I fell in love with the medium of radio while being a volunteer radio host at CKCU 93.1 FM's Over My Head (Christian music), and Window of Opportunity (folk-ish...
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I'm delighted to share that my book, Cleansing the Cosmos, has just been published . It is a revision of my PhD thesis (U. Birmingham, 2012).
Posted by: E Janet Warren (Class of 2007)   |   Tyndale
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On November 10, 2012  Peter Oulton graduated with the PhD in Theology from St Michael's College Toronto.  Dissertation: In Search of a Responsible Freedom in a Post-Christendom World: A Reconsideration of Karl Barth's Social and Political Thought in the Context of His Overall...
Posted by: Peter Oulton (Class of 1994)   |   Ontario Theological Seminary
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Re-release by James Lorimer of Within the Barbed Wire Fence: A Japanese Man's Account of His Internment in Canada, first published in 1980 by University of Toronto Press. From the dust jacket: "Here [Takeo Nakano] tells his story of upheaval, civil disobedience, and months within the...
Posted by: Leatrice W. Willson Chan (Class of 2012)   |   Tyndale
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This summer Cliff accepted a Principal position with the Thames Valley District School Board. He is principal of Harrisfield Public School in Ingersoll. Cliff, Karen and their children are excited about this new "Ed" venture.
Posted by: Cliff Williams (Class of 1993)   |   Ontario Bible College
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On October first my husband Kavunga and I will celebrate 7 years of marriage. We had hoped to make a trip to Canada together, but with the M23 rebels within 25 km of our home, Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo...... we changed that plan. I'll come alone and he will stay with the children...
Posted by: Connie Smith (Class of 1979)   |   Ontario Bible College
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Our family is expanding. We feel that God has been leading us to adopt children from overseas. Currently we have been matched with Tia & Raheim from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. As it stands currently, it looks as though we could have them home by or before Christmas. God is good! Updates...
Posted by: Rob Reardon (Class of 2004)   |   Tyndale
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"ABC's of Parenting: 26 Practical Lessons for Building a Healthy & Happy Home" An easy-to-read, biblically based, and highly practical book that will help you raise a strong, healthy and godly family.  Each chapter includes "Make It Happen" tips that parents can...
Posted by: Steve Boctor (Class of 1997)   |   Ontario Theological Seminary
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