4-on-4 Basketball


Increase your speed and space on the basketball court with 4-on-4 basketball. The game is on the line. Do you drive the lane or pull up for a jumper with two seconds to go?  If you’re a recreational player, 4-on-4 basketball is perfect because its open to all skill levels. If you’re a more competitive player, you will enjoy the faster pace gained with 4-on-4. Fill out a sign-up form to join a 4-on-4 basketball team. Basketball games develop a great community atmosphere for players and fans alike. 

Congrats to Purple! 2013 Season Champions! 

The Game:
Each team must have 4 players present to start the game.

The games are full court, 4 on 4 play. 
Each game will consist of 2 halves, 20 minutes each
Baskets are worth 2 points, 3 points from beyond the arch

The wall is the out of bounds. When the ball goes out of bounds the opposing team of whoever last touched the ball gets possession and passes into play from the sideline. 

The Games will be refereed by the team captains, and volunteers

No foul shots will be taken. Fouls result in a change of possession

If any individual player recieves 5 fouls in a game, they will be ejected from the game

Event of a TIE:
If a game is tied after 40 minutes, there will be a 5 minute Overtime 


Dan Hainaut (C)

Karl Francis

Spencer Healey

Matt Myles

Adison Hernandez

Sunjay Henry

Sam Suh

Sarah Hunter

Jesse Lawler

Andrew Wood

Gabriel Baumuan

Jon Gould (C)

Jefferson Fowler

Adam Durdle

Kyle Anstey

Jillian Meyers

Tiffany Bell

Chris Clarke

Adam Hoskins

Felicia Osmond

Lucas Perry


Josh Penney (C)

Sam Yen

Josh Lehmen

Isaiah Simms

Rebbeca Soper

Chris Thomas

Alex Mohandas

Axel Kazadi

IJ Makan

Alecia Linton

Richard Charles

Rod Cohen (C)

Justine Clement

Thomas Leroy

Chris Luck

Michael Antwi

Shoolie Sales

Johnny Kao

Matthew Allman

Carolina Holquin

Rob Santos

Rueben Devries


Tyrone S. (C)

Meaghan Wicks

Andrew Valler

Sulien Khan

Ricky Yu

Jueon Bryan

Sarah Gaensler

Matt Thorne

Jen Redenbach

Josh Houeto

Tyson Goosney (C)

Katherine Sinclair

Joerg Wacker

Leighton Watson

Josh Li

Jess Malone

Kyu Park

Daniel Kim

Aaron Westra

Max Woodley

Tamarah Jesseau