Co-Ed Volleyball


Co-ed volleyball combines agility, stamina, strength and teamwork to create a highly interactive and enjoyable sport. All skill levels are welcome, as this sport is played at a recreational level. Athletes have the opportunity to form their own team of at least 8 and compete once to twice a week at the most.

Season begins October 23. On average there will be one game per week till the middle of November. Schedule will be posted soon.



  1. Each side may only hit the ball three times before it crosses the net. A player may not hit the ball twice consecutively.
  2. A point is scored when the ball is successfully grounded in the opponent’s court or the opposing team commits a fault.
  3. The volleyball serve must be executed by the player that is in the right back position.
  4. The server must release or toss the ball when executing a serve.
  5. If in contact with the floor, the server must not step across or contact the service line until after contact with the ball has been made. If the server jumps when serving, the last contact with the floor must be behind the service line. The server can then land on or in front of the service line.
  6. A set is won when a team scores 25 points with a minimum 2 point lead. In the case of a 24-24 tie, play continues until a 2 point lead is taken.
  7. A match is won when a team wins 2 out of 3 sets.