Play the world’s most popular game. If you’re looking to improve your fitness and build great relationships while competing in a fast paced environment, then you will love soccer at Tyndale. Challenge your passing, dribbling, and shooting skills while you get active with soccer. Join a team by filling out the sign-up form. We will be utilizing our Bayview Campus to use their soccer field.


Congratulations Blue Sharks F.C. on the Championship Victory!
See everyone next year, thanks for the Great Season!


- Games will have two, 20 Minute Halves
- The tracks around the field are the out of bounds
- The corners, for corner kicks, will be marks by cones
- There are no offsides
- Gameplay consists of 7 on 7 (including goalies)
- Penalties, Red Card results in a 5 min penalty where the offending player may not be in play. Yellow Card are Warnings
- Slide tackles are legal
- If defender passes to their goaltender the goalie cannot use their hands, if they do so it will result in a free direct kick for the opposing team
- Indirect and Direct kicks will depend upon referee discretion
- Handballs, (intentional results in a direct free kick) (Unintentional, a indirect free kick or perhaps play on)
- Changes may be made on the fly while play is in progress

The Season runs on a 3 point system, a Win = 3 points, Draw/Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points

Playoff Structure: 1st plays 4th, 2nd plays 3rd in semi-finals

Losers play for consolation, Winners play for Championship

Phalanx F.C.
The Elect F.C.

IJ Makan (C)

Hannah Fairbanks

Gerad Noble

Jroeg Wacker

Josh Chung

Sawyer Bullock

Roxy Koch

Michael Kim

Matt Arnold

Adam York

Shoolie Sales

Sulien Kahn

Mark Wahba

Alex Kam

Jibb Smart (C)

Reanna Cameron

Max Woodley

Marcus Berger

Emily Wiles

Nathan Kalk

Nathan Brubaker

Matt Wood

Conor Sweets

Johnny Kao

Benson Duong

Matt Fidler

Gabreil Beamaun

Rebecca Howell

The Blue Sharks F.C.
The Rebels F.C.

Alex Mohandas (C)

Vicky Evans

Andrew Valler

Andres Laur

Josh Kahle

Sarah Giensler

Kyle Balkisson

John Anoloye

Amberlea A

Jeuon Bryan

Gloria Nzibu

Elizabeth Tarr

Jay Choi

David Schuelein

Axel (C)

Krista MacInnes

Kyu Park

Caitlin Moses

Danny Oh

Jaun Kahn

Meaghan Winter

Bendeick Tubuca

Rueben Devries

Andres Palmer

Ben Greisek

Adrianna King

Raymond To

Adam Hwang