Ballyconnor Dining Hall

Everybody loves food. Complementarily, people love to gather around events that have food. Tyndale's Dining Hall is perfect for banquets, receptions, or any event you might want catered.

speaker Maximum Capacity: 220
speaker Audio/Visual: Projector, Projector Screen, Microphone, Sound System
speaker Cost Details:

  • $80/hour + tax
  • $600 + tax for full day (8:00am - 10:30pm)

Included in rental - ceiling mounted projector and screen, Dining Hall sound system (one microphone w/ stand, ceiling mounted speakers, and one additional audio input for laptop, ipod, cd player).

Additional Options (not included in rental price):

  • Portable Sound System - $20/hour or $60/day
    • 2 microphones with stands and cables
    • simple powered mixer w/ 2 speakers on stands. Maximum of 4 microhpones/inputs per system)
  • Full Portable Sound System - A technician must be hired ($35/hour minimum 4 hours)
    • This system can record audio. More info on recording services
    • 16 channel mixer
    • computer controlled processing
    • separate amplifiers,
    • 2 speakers on stands
    • a subwoofer
    • wedge monitors
    • 4 microphones
    • 2 direct input boxes

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