Ballyconnor Gymnasium

The swish of a net, the cheer of the crowd as you score a goal, the laughter and relationships formed over sports - Tyndale’s Gymnasium is suited for any sporting event you wish to have. Whether you want to get together to play some sports with some friends or bond with your staff over a fun game, we will provide the space for the sweat and laughter to begin.

Looking for a place to host  large gathering of people? Well alternatively to sports, the gymnasium can be transformed into a conference facility, able to accommodate up to 450 guests.

Monday to Thursday: Tyndale Students Only
Fridays: 7:00pm - 10:30pm
Saturdays: 8:30am - 10:30pm
Sundays: Tyndale Students Only

speaker Maximum Capacity: 200
speaker Audio/Visual: Sound System
speaker Cost Details:

For Conference

  • $60/hour+ tax (with setup)
  • $400 + tax for full day

For Sports

  • $40/hour + tax
  • $400 + tax for full day
  • Note: An additional $10 will also be applied for parking (this covers your entire group)

Additional Options (not included in rental price):

  • Video Projection - $50/hour or $120/day (includes portable screen and VGA cables, computer/laptop is NOT provided)
  • Portable Sound System - $20/hour or $60/day
    • 2 microphones with stands and cables
    • simple powered mixer w/ 2 speakers on stands. Maximum of 4 microhpones/inputs per system)
  • Full Portable Sound System - A technician must be hired ($35/hour minimum 4 hours)
    • This system can record audio. More info on recording services
    • 16 channel mixer
    • computer controlled processing
    • separate amplifiers,
    • 2 speakers on stands
    • a subwoofer
    • wedge monitors
    • 4 microphones
    • 2 direct input boxes

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