What We Do

Career Counselling and Coaching

We counsel and coach you by identifying, through discussions, self-assessment and analysis, who you are and who God made you to be, in terms of your values, interests, personality and strengths. We then provide you with a career plan and options in pursuing the career that is a best fit for you at this time in your career development.


Once we have a “picture” of who you are, we continue to provide one-on-one coaching and training that empowers you to set some career goals and assists you in practicing some job search skills to prepare you to be successful in job interviews.

The Career Centre provides students with workshop training and coaching on the latest job search practices such as Resume Writing, Networking, Research, and Interview techniques - to help you be successful in landing the dream job!



The Career Centre staff is here to journey with you now and until you Graduate. Coming to see us is not a one time event, it is ongoing, and we are here to serve you. You may expect us to be open, friendly, and informative; a safe and confidential environment for you to explore your needs and career concerns.

We can empower and mentor you along the way in your search for your dream job, at times providing you with job openings or internships that come our way, so be sure to keep in touch with us!