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February 2013

Warm greetings on behalf of the Tyndale family of faculty, staff and students.
Revelation 21:5 says: “Look, I am making everything new! … Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

“Newness” is a popular theme in Canadian culture. We are interested in new technology, new opportunities and new challenges. This week I was reading an article focusing on the “new” challenges in education. The author was saying that today’s students have changed radically. Today’s students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach. As I read the research I thought about how this applies to the church. If young people are radically different today, have we designed new and creative ways of disciplining and training them?

The challenge is to stay true to our Lord and his Word that does not change. Yet at the same time we are called to reach this generation (now called the “D-Gen” – Digital generation) of young leaders in a way that they can understand and respond. We need “new” eyes and hearts to reach the “new” generation.
In Revelation 21:5 the word “new” comes from the Greek word “Kaina” which means renewed or restored, and includes circumstances and conditions along with appearance.

As we move further into the year, we look forward to the “new” opportunities ahead of us throughout 2013.

On April 1st we “receive the keys” to our “new” Tyndale campus. Along with this, we look forward to offering your church new courses, degree offerings and seminars. It is indeed a season of “newness.”

Please remember that we are praying for you - our partners in faith and service. May this newsletter spur you on to live in the joy of Christ’s newness in you.


                                          Blessings upon you,


                                          Rev. Dr. Rob Patterson
                                          Director, Alumni & Church Relations


Featured Story

For almost 25 years Rick Tobias led Yonge Street Mission and is currently serving as the organization’s Community Advocate. Since 1984 Rick has been an adjunct professor at Tyndale Seminary. This four-part series will take us through a discussion with Rick about what is needed in church leadership today.

Are You A Listening Leader?
Who do you listen to as a church leader? Mentors? Family? Friends? God? In today’s culture there are so many voices trying to get our attention.

Rick believes that what church leaders need to do first is to be involved in ‘listening prayers.’ “I was taught to pray with speaking words,” says Rick, “I wasn’t taught very well about listening to God. About ‘be still and know that I am God’, about being on the mountain and listening to the wee small voice of God.”

Christian leaders need to be going to God. They need to be asking Him what His plans are. “I believe 21st century leaders have to begin their ministries in silence. Not empty silence…a silence that is filled with the presence of God; the type of silence where we might actually hear something—where we might actually get direction for our life. We might actually get direction for our ministries. Where we might not be as dependent on the next great idea or the next fad book that came out  in the Christian press. I believe that if we can only listen, we might discover that God has a word for us.”

Rick also believes that listening prayers involve a component of listening to people. “We need to hear what the people God has given us to shepherd are speaking from their hearts.”

This is exampled by Ezekiel. The prophet receives visions from God. He does not  run off and tell everyone; instead Ezekiel then goes  down to the town for seven days.

Depending on which version you are reading “it either says that in his sitting among the people he was causing consternation in them or it says they were causing consternation in him. Maybe in truth both were happening. But after he sat there for a period of time it says the word of the Lord came to him. It came to him from sitting among the people. Somehow the people had something to do with the word he heard. It wasn’t enough for him to be at the river silently listening to God...The job of a leader is [to be involved in] listening prayer; the sort of listening prayer that listens to God, and listens to God through the people. Those are two very different words we will hear— both from God in the end. But we need to be a listening, prayerful people.”

We will hear God. We just need to listen.

Younan's Top 10 Tech Resources for the Church

Church Management Software
There are many Church Management applications in the market but how can you evaluate and choose a good solution to your Church? I evaluated several applications and found that Icon Systems has one of the most reliable and cost effective applications. Their Cloud-based solution is affordable and powerful at the same time. It enables you to manage all Church administrative tasks effectively and remotely.

Broadcast your sermons
Join thousands of churches and broadcast your sermons live using Upload your weekly messages and share them on your website.

Are you looking for a church logo?
Try Church Logo Gallery. They have thousands of logos for different ministries

Technologies for worship magazine?
A good resource for house of worship technicians, volunteers and leaders.  Learn about audio mixing, video formats, mic'ing strategies, lighting techniques... it's all here. Come on in and make yourself at home! – the online searchable Bible site has over 100 translations and over 40 languages. The site was acquired by Zondervan publishing in 2008.

Our Daily Bread
Our Daily Bread – - an online devotional that can be sent to your email each morning. It is available in over 40 languages and available as audio for the visually impaired.

Evernote -  Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for notetaking and archiving. It is a cloud based system that allows you to save notes, pictures, voice memos, websites and more across multiple platforms. It is free to use and a must have to keep all of your notes organized.

Songselect - IF your church is using choruses and hymns and needs to have easy access to lyrics, chord sheets and sound samples look no further than Songselect. It costs around $50/year and is helpful for worship teams and tech/PowerPoint teams.

Open Life Church This web site is full of completely free church resources. For sermon helps, children’s resources, Bible studies and much more.

The Fish for reviews of recent movies, books and music and for commentary on Pop culture visit

Younan Younan

Does your church need help with technology?  Younan Younan, IT Director at Tyndale can help with a variety of IT services and website solutions catered to churches and ministries to maximize the effectiveness of their resources. Find out more by emailing Younan at YYounan [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Request%20for%20Assistance%20with%20Church%20Technology) .



Missional Resources:  find papers on the Missional Church, Media Reviews, Missional Church Online Reading Room, Leadership Day podcasts.

 Spiritual Formation Resources: Definition, finding a Spiritual Director, prayer ministry teams and Spiritual Formation on-line reading room.

Tyndale Courses

 Spring & Summer School 2013
Choose from over 30 courses offered between May and July 2013.  Courses include: Spiritual Warfare, Globalization & the Church, Aging, Mission & Ministry and more!

Leading your congregation into Missional Ministry
Tyndale Intercultural Ministries (TIM) Centre offers courses at $300.  Courses include Bible Interpretation, OT-NT Survey, Basic Bible Doctrines, Intercultural Leadership, God’s mission & His church etc.  Be equipped for intercultural ministries here in Toronto!

Upcoming Events

March 22: Tyndale Preaching Conference

April 6: Growing in Leadership Confidence

April 19 - 20: Family Systems and their Ability to Cope with Death & Grief

April 29: 2013 Wesley Ministry Conference

May 10 - 11: Dealing with Disenfranchised Grief

June 8: Apologetic and Evangelistic Preaching: Making Sense of Our Faith




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