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October 2011


Dear Friend,

Thank you for participating in the survey on church and technology this past summer. There were 386 churches in Ontario that responded to the survey representing churches from 25 members to 5000+, spanning many different denominations and ethnic backgrounds. We hope that the results will help us all navigate the world of technology and figure out how it can be best used for God’s work.

The high level results can be found in the online version of Tyndale: the magazine in the article on Church and Technology. Don’t forget to download the infographic that summarizes the quantitative results. There is also an interview with Tim Day, Senior Pastor at the Meeting House, who goes deeper into the benefits and drawbacks of technology.

As promised, for those who did the survey we have an exclusive report summarizing the qualitative research attached. If you would like receive more information you can contact Rob Patterson at rpatterson [at] tyndale [dot] ca.

Watch for the next survey Tyndale will be sending out in the near future. We hope that you will participate and benefit from the results.

Blessings upon you;
Rev. Dr. Rob Patterson
Director of Alumni & Church Relations

Church and Technology

Tyndale University College & Seminary conducted a survey in the summer of 2011 to see how Ontario churches are interacting with technology, and how they see it changing the church. Three hundred and sixty-eight churches replied to the survey...
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Technology@ theMeetingHouse

"Things are changing so rapidly we lose the ability to be oriented,” says Tim Day, a Tyndale alumnus and lead pastor of The Meeting House in Oakville, Ontario. “With technology we can push something good to the extreme so that it actually becomes bad."