Co-op Information for Students

Co-operative Education is a program designed to integrate academic studies with practical experience in your chosen field. At Tyndale, the Co-op Program Coordinator will work with you to ensure your work experience matches your career goals.

What are the Benefits of Co-op?

Co-op students gain significant benefits from their participation. They include:

  • Develop relevant workplace skills and realistic expectations of the workforce before graduation
  • Establish contacts in the workplace for networking opportunities and gain references for future employment
  • Gain a well-rounded education, enriched by practical experience
  • Learn lifelong work search skills and techniques including cover letter and resume writing, and interviewing
  • Explore various companies, organizations and sectors to find the right fit
  • Earn money to help finance your education

How is the Program Structured?

The Co-op program is offered to students pursuing a major in Business Administration. A Co-op student will engage in a minimum of three work terms which are integrated into their degree program.

Typically, each work term is four months long and students alternate paid work terms between periods of full-time study. The Co-op program will require students to extend their time on campus to complete their degree by one extra year.

Please visit Program Description for more details.

What Programs at Tyndale Offer Co-op as an Option?

Co-operative Education is currently offered in Business Administration.

How Do I Find Out More About the Co-op Program? 

Email the Co-op Coordinator at coop [at] tyndale [dot] ca to book an appointment to determine how Co-op can enhance your educational experience and prepare you for a rewarding career.