Co-op Program Description

The Co-op program is offered to students majoring in Business Administration. Students can apply to the program at the beginning of their second year of full-time studies.

Interested students are required to meet the admission requirements and follow the application process in Year 2 to confirm admission to the program.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the program is competitive and it will be based on the student’s skills, attitudes, academic record and interests. An interview will be conducted with all applicants to determine their suitability to the program.

Students  must complete the following courses during the first two years of study and prior to the start of the first work term:

BUSI101 Intro to Business BUSI102 Math for Business
BUSI201 Organizational Behaviour BUSI203 Business Communication
BUSI231 Marketing BUSI261 Financial Accounting
ECON101 Micro Economics ECON102 Macro Economics
MATH121 Intro to Statistics  
Students applying to Co-op must be in good academic standing with a minimum cumulative GPA of B- or 70% in all courses.

Academic Work Term Sequence

In addition to fulfilling the academic requirements of the Business Administrative program, Co-op students will complete a minimum of three work terms during the course of their study. The work study sequence are in alternating format designed to optimize the quality of the work experience. Below is a typical academic and work term sequence:


(Sept - Dec)

(Jan - Apr)

(May -

Year 1




Year 2



Work Term 1

Year 3


Work Term 2


Year 4

Work Term 3



Year 5





Co-op Preparation Workshop

The Co-op Preparation Workshop is mandatory for all Co-op students prior to entering the first work term. The workshop covers topics including career exploration and planning, resume and cover letter preparation, job search techniques, interview coaching, workplace skills development, and succeeding in the workplace.

Job Search

Co-op students will work closely with the Co-op Coordinator to obtain suitable employment. Each student will meet with the Co-op Coordinator to determine their goals and objectives and to determine a strategy to find a co-op work placement. The Co-op office will also develop a list of interested employers and invite them to post their vacancies with the Co-op Program.

If a student is unsuccessful in receiving a work placement, they will continue on their normal undergraduate career path.

Co-op Fees

Students admitted to the Co-op Program are required to pay a $50 non-refundable admission fee to confirm their position in the program.

Each work term fee is equivalent to the fee of one credit hour. The fee covers the costs associated with the administration, site visit and work term report grading for the term.

Co-op Earnings

There is no set salary for co-op students; each organization sets its own co-op salaries based on several factors including internal wage structure, market competition and student qualifications.

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