David Colpitts

Volunteer Professional Counsellor

 Phone: 416-226-6620 ext. 5052
 Email: dcolpitts@tyndale.ca

BSc, MDiv, PhD

David works part time for the government as a coordinator and educator in organ donation.  He has also worked for a Christian ministry involved in speaking and counselling regarding issues of sexuality and sexual identity and presently teaches a course in the Seminary Graduate Counselling Program on Gender and Socioeconomic Perspectives in Marriage and Family Therapy.  He has counselling experience with issues such as pornography, same gender attraction (homosexuality), masturbation and sexual addiction.  He is interested in helping students with anxiety, stress, personal relationships and career development.  David also has an interest in integrating counselling issues with a client's relationship with God.  David enjoys movies, travel and being with people.

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