Elliott Yeung

Registered Psychotherapist

 Phone: 416-226-6620 ext. 5110
 Email: eyeung [at] tyndale.ca


Elliott is compassionate, understanding, and open. He respects that we all come from different backgrounds, and that our own personal stories (and wounds) need to be treated with gentleness and strong grace. He comes from an eclectic background, having been an art restorer, ESL instructor overseas, crisis counsellor, workshop presenter and youth minister. In addition to volunteering with Tyndale Counselling Services, Elliott works at the Family Life Centre, offering his counselling services to the wider community, and runs his private practice in Scarborough. Elliott has experience in helping people with anxiety, low self-esteem, emotional self-regulation, a history of bullying, perfectionism and struggles with pornography. He has an interest in helping people navigate the complexities of life and faith, and processing past trauma. In his spare time he enjoys reading up on the latest cultural, technological, and world news trends.

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