Genevieve Alao

Photo of therapist, Genevieve Alao

Professional Counsellor

 Phone: 416-226-6620 ext. 5082
 Email: galao [at]

MDiv (cand)

Genevieve is passionate about offering empathic support to clients who are going through challenging life circumstances. She is creative, confident, curious, caring and committed to the change process. Her counselling interests include anxiety, depression, relationships (friendships, couples), addictions (pornography, masturbation, drugs, alcohol), trauma (sexual abuse, abortion, miscarriage), grief, loss, death, pre-marriage, marital issues (divorce, separation, abuse, infidelity), building self-esteem, sexual identity/orientation, life-skills (planning, finances, career development, academics, effective communication) and questions of faith. Her self-care includes travelling, reading, writing and going to the theatre. Genevieve is excited and honoured to serve the Tyndale community through her internship and hopes to teach classes, workshops and seminars in the future.

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