Michelle Espejo

Photo of therapist, Michelle Espejo

Professional Counsellor

 Phone: 416-226-6620 ext. 5089
 Email: mespejo [at] tyndale.ca

MDiv, RP (Qualifying)

Michelle works part-time in the healthcare sector as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Her profound desire to guide all types of people through their adversities has drawn her into counselling. Michelle is compassionate, insightful, supportive, and warm and seeks to help people battling with addictions, anxiety, depression, family and relationship problems, sex and sexuality issues, and more. Additionally, she has experience working with teens and young adults, empowering them to find their strengths and gifts. She is passionate about the arts and integrating Christian spirituality into the counselling process. Watching the power of storytelling unfold through movies, dance, and music is an outlet she appreciates. Michelle and her husband of twenty-five years have four children and two dogs, and together they enjoy travelling.

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