Counselling Seminars

Tue, 2014/09/16 - 11:15am to 12:30pm

  • Take the VARK Questionnaire and discover your personal learning style
  • ŸLearn how to apply your strengths in the classroom
  • ŸHear about strategies for...
Tue, 2014/09/23 - 11:15am to 12:30pm

With Kathleen Sutcliffe - Room 1008

Learn how to set priorities, use your time effectively, and manage life’s busy schedule in a healthy and God-honouring way.

Tue, 2014/09/30 - 10:00pm to 11:15pm

with Bryden Maassarany in Katimavik Lounge

You can be a princess in combat boots, ballet slippers, or Air
Jordans, but don’t limit your potential by living in the

Tue, 2014/10/07 - 11:15am to 12:30pm

With Kathleen Sutcliffe In Room 1008

Studying doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and frightening task!

  • Learn how to adjust your physical learning environment to suit your personal learning style
  • Discover ways to...
Tue, 2014/10/14 - 10:00pm to Wed, 2014/10/15 - 12:00am

- Our identities as Christ-like, sexual human beings
- Other issues around the Christian life & sexuality

Females: discuss with Andy Lundy in the Dining Hall

Males: discuss with Bryden Maassarany in Katimavik Lounge

Tue, 2014/10/28 - 11:15am to 12:30pm

With Iven Chung in Room 2085

What do we mean when we talk about sexual orientation?

How do we understand humanity’s brokenness as it relates to our sexuality, whether LGBTTQ or straight?

Hear first-hand the speaker’s personal experiences on the topic.

Come join the...