DCP Chinese Course Offering & Syllabi

Bachelor of Religious Education 宗教教育學士學位
General Ministries - Degree Completion Program
(Instruction in Mandarin)


DCP Chinese 學士學位課程

DCP Chinese is a nontraditional program specifically designed for adults who want to complete a Bachelor of Religious Education degree but who are unable to attend traditional semester education programs.

It provides for the completion of a BRE degree with a focus in General Ministry to adults who are interested in a study of the Bible, doctrine and ministry skill courses with the intent of becoming more effective Christians, in ministry and in the work place. The language of instruction is Mandarin.

With its unique design, DCP Chinese allows students to transfer a maximum of 30-42 credit hours into the program and there are 16 courses (48 credit hours) offered in a modular format over a 24-month period. Each module consists of one six-hour class weekly for five weeks supplemented by 14-18 hours of independent guided study per week. This is essentially the same involvement time as the traditional schedule.

In a cohort learning community of 10-15 students, program participants will benefit from experiences of fellow learners as the cohort moves through the program together with students offering each other encouragement and support.


學士學位課程是一門非傳統課程,特別為了希望完成學士學位,但不能參加傳統教育課程之成年人而設。此課程的設計獨特,使忙碌的成年人有機會完成全時間的大學本科教育。若學生具有30 – 42 認可學分,便只需要在24個月內完成單元形式的16門課。每單元含每週一節六小時的課,共五週,加每週14 – 18 小時督導自學。這樣的安排和傳統課程時間完全一樣。



Program Requirements 課程要求 

Application Package 申請書

  • CCSTTS application instructions 申請須知
  • CCSTTS application form 申請表  

Course Offerings 提供課程


Course Syllabi 課程教學大綱

   Fall 2013
   Winter 2014
   Spring Summer 2014
   Fall 2014
   Winter 2015
   Spring Summer 2015


Ministry Portfolio (Field Education)

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