Biblical Studies & Theology

At the heart of the Tyndale curriculum is the study of what is called "Divinity" or "Theology" in the ancient universities. A knowledge of the Bible and the theological tradition is the centre of a liberal arts education. The Bible is the single most important cultural document in Western civilization, if not the world. No one can be considered truly educated who does not have a knowledge of its contents and the history of its influence. Most of Western intellectual and political history is intertwined with theological debates and much of English literature presupposes a knowledge of the Bible. Some of the greatest minds, such as Augustine, Aquinas, Luther, and Barth, devoted their lives to the articulation of the gospel.
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The Department of Biblical Studies and Theology teaches four core courses that are required of all degree students: Old Testament Scriptures, New Testament Scriptures, Hermeneutics, and Introduction to Christian Theology. We offer a major, major with honours, and minor in Biblical Studies and Theology.

We also offer a wide variety of electives, including upper level courses in Old Testament, New Testament, Christian doctrines, and historical theology, as well as courses in world religions. We teach both Hebrew and Greek because we value studying the Bible in its original languages.

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