Welcome to Business at Tyndale

Business Administration at Tyndale offers several advantages:

  1. We offer a unique Honours Program with a dual-track: A traditional business administration program (4 years) and a business administration program with a track in international development. The traditional program prepares students for masters programs in business and other areas, while the international development program (also 4 years) prepares students for both employment and graduate training in international development. This flexible learning model makes it possible for students to choose the educational path that best meets their educational and career goals. We also offers a major in business administration.
  2. Students can get actively involved in research in numerous areas. Currently our faculty are involved in different research projects ranging from the ethical leadership, capital budgeting, investments, accounting, cost management and "lean enterprising".
  3. We believe that significant learning can take place outside the classroom through mentoring. We work closely with each student to facilitate their development academically, professionally and spiritually within the context of a Christian community.
  4. We are situated in the centre of Toronto, home to several research universities in Canada. In addition to various enriching academic and cultural events, Toronto offers many opportunities for employment, internships, and ministry.
  5. Tyndale is one of the oldest institutes of post-secondary learning in Canada. It is also Ontario’s newest liberal arts university with a provincial charter to grant Honours degrees in business administration and other disciplines. Our high-quality academic programs, dedicated faculty, and small-sized classes enable us to offer our students the best quality of education.

Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
For official academic information such as degree requirements, course descriptions, prerequisites, and schedules, please refer to the Office of the Registrar website.