What are the English Department's Aims?

  • to stimulate original thinking and critical habits of mind
  • to develop the ability to construct an argument, both oral and written
  • to provide an awareness of the development of English literature, thereby enabling students to understand how writers work in relation to their literary tradition
  • to encourage an understanding of the relation of literary works to their historical context
  • to bring the student to reflect on the relation of human creativity to divine
  • to foster a sensitivity to language as a semantic vehicle and as a tool for literary criticism, and to equip students to analyse using its forms and strategies
  • to encourage interdisciplinary perspectives upon the study of literature in English such as philosophy which handles ideas in a non-literary mode
  • to encourage a critical awareness of literary criticism as an activity with its own history, which has changed according to differing assumptions about the nature and function of literature


Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
For official academic information such as degree requirements, course descriptions, prerequisites, and schedules, please refer to the Office of the Registrar website.