ISI Endorsement

Tyndale recently received an excellent endorsement from the
Intercollegiate Studies Institute's College Guide 08/09. Here are some of the comments it made:

"...Tyndale has many virtues which ought to attract the serious student. Its curriculum places a strong emphasis on the great books and the Western tradition, subjects sadly neglected at most liberal arts colleges in North America. Its classes are small and professors easily accessible, allowing students close contact with mentors and fostering a true intellectual community. Its high-calibre faculty are said to keep long office hours, the better to offer students personal guidance and support. Most importantly, the school is infused by both a high-minded approach to ideas and a traditional Christian ethos, which together infuse all aspects of its education and campus life. This rare combination might well make it worthwhile to cross the border." (p.1059)

"...Many students comment on the accessibility of professors as one of the chief strengths of Tyndale. 'The professors are very accessible and very helpful. The small class size significantly contributes to this. They teach all their own classes. I don't even know their office hours because the doors are always open to us at any time,' says a student."(p.1060-61)

"...Tyndale's location adds immeasurably to student and academic life. One student says,''We're close enough to transportation that can take us to the heart of Toronto, so there are lots of opportunities open to us. But Tyndale itself is located in a quiet neighborhood, just minutes away from a large park affording tranquil walks in the woods - a great way to refresh mind and body after a lot of classes, essays and homework.' Since Tyndale is one of the cultural capitals of North America - noted for its arts scene, famous film festival, ethnic restaurants, and enclaves of different immigrant groups - Tyndale students can immerse themselves in the service of the church without abandoning the world." (p.1062)

Disclaimer: Unofficial Academic Information
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