Academic Leaders

"I have had the privilege of speaking at Tyndale University College, and I have found their philosophy faculty and students to be first-rate. This engaged community takes philosophical reflection and Christian commitment very seriously. This makes Tyndale a unique place in all of Canada to study undergrad philosophy and to make a singular impact for God's kingdom there and around the world. I wholeheartedly recommend their remarkable program!" 
Paul Copan, Ph.D., Professor and Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics,
Palm Beach Atlantic Univeristy

“First rate thinkers, a pursuing love of God, and a passion for the gospel . . . and, well, simply some of my favorite people in the world. That is what I think of when I think of the Tyndale philosophy faculty. If you want to be trained as a philosopher and unabashedly integrate your faith with your scholarship, Tyndale is the place for you. If you want to grow in your passion for the lost and ability to communicate the gospel, Tyndale is the place for you. If you want to be part of something bigger than yourself, and live for a cause greater than yourself, study philosophy at Tyndale.”
Paul Gould, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of  Philosophy and Christian Apologetics, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

 "I visited Tyndale University College ... in order to give the Honeyman Memorial Lectures. The occasion provided me the opportunity to talk quite a bit with the philosophy department staff, and also with students in the philosophy department. I was exceedingly impressed with both. The staff are very talented, well-trained, and energetic young philosophers, active in their discipline. And not only was it evident to me that the students were being very well taught, I was also impressed with their esprit de corps. The question and answer sessions after my lectures were among the best I have ever experienced."
Nicholas Wolterstorff, Ph.D., Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology,
Yale University

"Christian colleges must put more resources into developing leading programs in philosophy. In my opinion, Tyndale’s philosophy program is on the cutting edge of a movement to meet this need. If you want to learn how to think as a Christian, if you want to learn the skill-set essential to philosophy, look no further than Tyndale. It is a program for such a time as this."
J.P. Moreland, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Philosophy,
Biola University

"C.S. Lewis reminds us that good thinking needs to exist in order to counter poor thinking. At Tyndale University College, this is more than a one-liner. From the Great Books tradition to the best in contemporary thought, the philosophy department offers a wide variety of courses, combined with personal interaction. Tyndale's resident philosophers provide the community with a broad offering of classes that integrate learning with vibrant faith. It is this combination that forms the central basis of their strong program."
Gary Habermas, Ph.D., Distinguished Research Professor and Chair, Department of Philosophy and Theology,
Liberty University

"Canada needs a new generation of scholar activists...who can speak out intelligently on issues of cultural concern. In this regard, I am impressed by what I see happening in Tyndale's philosophy department. I believe they have the faculty and programs to really make a difference."
William Lane Craig, Ph.D., Th.D., Research Professor of Philosophy,
Biola University

Alumni & Students

“My time in the philosophy program at Tyndale had great impact on my life both intellectually and spiritually. This is due to the opportunity to be taught by exceptional philosophers who are disciples themselves. The teaching delivered by Dr. Davis and Dr. Franks provided rigorous academic training that has prepared me for the graduate studies I am currently in, and also continually connected the philosophical content to my own life and the world around me. Tyndale’s philosophy program has instilled in me the value of a Christian engaged in academic thought, and has given me practical tools to love the Lord with all of my mind.” –  Catherine Klausen (Tyndale, BA, ’14; MA, Waterloo; PhD student, Waterloo)

"During my first semester at Tyndale, I realized that I needed to be in the philosophy program. The professors sincerely care about the intellectural development of their students, and it shows in their dedication. I was introduced to many new ideas, and was taught how to think critically. They have very high academic standards, which drove me to excellence. While in their program, I was able to fully achieve my potential, and developed a passion for learning. I would say the most valuable part of my education was that I learned how to think well. I have found this to be an incredibly helpful skill, not just in my work, but in every aspect of life." - Jonathan Topping (BA, '12; MA Biola University, '14)

"Upon joining the Tyndale student body I was dismayed to learn that I would be required to take a course in philosophy. Believing philosophy to be the pursuit of people who wanted to appear intelligent but had little respect for truth, I could not imagine how it could have any relevance to my studies. Within a semester I had become a philosophy major. Philosophy at Tyndale is all about truth; searching for it, recognizing it, defending it, and applying it." - Hope Cunningham, 2nd year student

"By far, the best part about the department here is the amount of assistance and interaction students get to have with the professors. They are always willing to sit down and help their students, no matter what the problem is. The number of times the professors (especially Dr. R. Weed) have helped me out with problems is far too many to count." - Spencer Johnston (BA, '08), MSc Student, University of Amsterdam

“Tyndale is a place of serious scholarship emphasizing a love for learning, community development, and spiritual growth. I can think of no faculty that exemplifies these values better than the faculty of philosophy. As a philosophy student at Tyndale, I was taught to think critically and analyze my own beliefs alongside competing truth claims. I was also introduced to important debates that are ongoing in philosophy of religion, philosophy of language, philosophy of science, and many other areas. The tools provided to me by Tyndale philosophy have allowed me to engage in these discussions with confidence and rigour. I wholeheartedly recommend studying philosophy at Tyndale.” –  Luke Teeninga (Tyndale, BA, ’13; Ryerson, MA '15;  PhD student, Oxford University)

"I found philosophy [at Tyndale], and I'll never be the same. The academic community I have experienced here has been amazing." - Angela Huxtable (BA, '07), MA student, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto

"Since starting my studies here, my thinking has been sharpened, and my view of the world has gained depth and beauty! I've been able to conquer the big questions of life under the guidance of professors I can trust and have fun with, in an academically and spiritually challenging (and life-changing!) environment." Amy Gabriel (BA '10), MA student, University of Toronto

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