Tyndale Faculty & Staff Directory

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Name Ext. Department
Joanna Ratz 2151 UC Dean's Office
Hugh Rendle 6716 Library
Benjamin Reynolds 2145 UC Faculty
Elizabeth Reynolds 2173 Student Development
Neiel Rizzo Admissions
Aimee Rosevear 2104 Admissions
Narry Santos
Ian Scott 6719 Seminary Faculty
Daniel Scott 6740 UC Faculty
Paul Scuse 6785 Seminary Faculty
Wincon Security 2222 Campus Security
Commissionaires Security (Bayview Front Desk) 3377
Student Council Seminary 2703 Seminary Student Council
David Sherbino 6741 Seminary Faculty
Yau Man Siew 6750 Seminary Faculty
Andy Smith 2714 Marketing & Communications
Barry Smith 2114 UC Dean's Office
Sarah Spencer 6715 Campus Services
Kern Stanberry 2106 Seminary Faculty
Kathleen Steadman 2190 BEd
Constance Stender 2141 Marketing
Sheila Stevens 2122 Counselling
Norma Stuckless 2131 Library
Mandy Sun 2136 Office of the Registrar
George Sweetman 6743 Student Life
Bryan Tai 2177 Admissions
Selene Tang 2229 BEd
Tim Tang 2242 TIM Centre
Student Council UC 2152 UC Student Council
Lina van der Wel 2167 Marketing & Communications
Rachel Vonk 2189 Centre for Academic Excellence
Wafik Wahba 2132 Seminary Faculty
Elise Wan Counselling Services
Jane Wang 2140 Office of the Registrar
John Wilkinson 4120 Office of the Chancellor
Becky Wismer 2128 Library
Daniel Wong 2153 UC Faculty
Ashton Wood 6757 Admissions
Catherine Yeung 2109 DMin Program
Ashoor Yousif Tyndale Seminary
Victoria Zhang 2238 Library