Bachelor of Education Application Descriptions


A worldview is a person's fundamental perspective on life and living. It answers the deeper questions of life such as: Why is there a universe and what is the meaning of life? A person's worldview is a basic framework, which guides one's thoughts day by day and guides one's actions in all areas of life. It can be thought of as a life philosophy. As such, one's worldview will influence what one considers to be the purpose of education, the approach to teaching and learning and therefore, the reason why one may choose to attend a Christian university.

Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession.

Tyndale's B.Ed. program is based upon forming Teacher Candidates to embody the Ontario College of Teachers' five essential Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession (please see for a  description of the standards). These practices are to be demonstrated by teachers who wish to be certified in Ontario. You are to write a reflective self-evaluation indicating your developing skills, abilities and attitudes towards at least two of the five Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. Provide two 500-word  statements, one for each of the two standards you choose to address. In these two statements you may wish to  touch on the following areas: why you want to be a teacher; the strengths you have that will serve you well in the  profession; the aspects of education to which you are most attracted; the biases you hold; a description of specific
experiences you have had that have prepared you for the teaching profession.

Official Post-Secondary Transcripts:

For transcripts to be regarded as official they are to be sent directly to Tyndale from the issuing institution. Tyndale requires an official transcript from each of the institutions you have attended even though a full term may  not have been completed and no credits earned. If you are currently enrolled in courses that are not shown on your  transcript, please enclose a sheet listing these courses. Include the course name, course code, and credit hour or  credit value. If you earned your undergraduate degree outside of North America please contact the B.Ed Program Officer at 416-226-6620 x2190 for guidance.

English Language Requirement:

Applicants whose first language is not English, or who have not studied for three years in an English speaking secondary or postsecondary institution (where English is the language of instruction and examinations are in English) must submit proof of English language proficiency by supplying their scores/results of either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Go to or for further information about these tests. Applicants who are not residents of Canada at the time of application must arrange to take the TOEFL/TWE or IELTS in the country from which they are applying. Tyndale’s TOEFL institution code is 0532.

To view to minimum required score please read the academic calendar.