FSL Competency Test Info

Components of French Competency Entrance Test

The competency test will test the applicant's knowledge of, and familiarity with, the following elements:

  • Partitive articles
  • Infinitive constructions, present and past infinitives
  • Idiomatic expressions
  • Relative pronouns
  • Past participle agreements with preceding direct object
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Subjunctive expressions, present subjunctive verbs
  • Verbs after qui / que
  • Imperative constructions
  • All indicative verb tenses, including "être", "avoir", auxiliary, reflexives
  • Translation from English to French of common expressions
  • Gender of typical nouns

A short composition on a given topic.

A reading comprehension text, followed by oral comprehension questions.

Prerequisites to be certified to teach French

In order to teach French as a Second Language at the P/J level, a teacher requires an Additional Qualification in French. Successful completion of the P/J French as a Second Language elective course (EDPE 5053) meets this requirement.

At the J/I level, a teacher requires FSL to be listed as a subject specialty teachable. Tyndale offers a course entitled French as a Second Language (Intermediate Teachable), which will fulfill the criteria for J/I candidates.  It ought to be noted that this course is not a course on how to speak French. It is a course on how to teach French as a Second Language. Therefore, to be eligible to take the course, Teacher Candidates must write a French Language competency test after the program begins in August, and, if registered in the J/I track, have successfully completed at least two full French courses (12 credit hours) at the university level.