Anonymous Comments

As a community, we recognize that each of us have questions, concerns, and suggestions as to how Tyndale can continue to grow as a place to learn and a place to work. Of course it would be encouraged for these to be brought up to your co-workers and managers, but if you do not feel comfortable, we now have a way where you can submit your comments and suggestions anonymously.

Comments will be routed directly to David Kraulis' email without any sender information. To assure you of the anonymity, IT won't even have the ability to track this information.

You are to encouraged to submit your anonymous comments with constructive suggestions. Although we cannot guarantee that your suggestions will be implemented, however, we can promise you that they will be passed on to the appropriate people for review and consideration.

We hope that this is another stepping stone for us as a community where we can continue to participate and further God's kingdom through our work at Tyndale.

Please note: If you are currently logged in to the tyndale website as a staff member (e.g. your login name) your name will show up along with the comment. If you wish to leave an anonymous comment, please log out of the system before doing so.