CCSTTS Extended Education - Understanding the Old Testament

 Event Date(s):   Sat, 2013/09/21 - 9:00am
 Event Category:   CCST
Understanding the Old Testament
Dr. Rebecca Idestrom, Associate Professor of Old Testament, Tyndale Seminary
September 21, 28 & October 5, 2013, 9:00am–1:00pm

Course Description

This course will give a general introduction and a framework for understanding the Old Testament and its three major canonical units, the Law, Prophets and Writings. The Old Testament recounts the story of redemption, the grand narrative of the Bible as a whole. The story begins with creation and traces the story of God’s relationship with his people, and it culminates with a new covenant and a new creation: the People of God in His Place dwelling in His Presence, the fulfillment of God’s original intent. This course will demonstrate the importance of understanding the Old Testament in its ancient Near Eastern context, and will introduce the major themes and concepts of creation, redemption, and covenant. In the process we will learn why studying the Old Testament is vital and has continuing relevance for the Christian.

Fee: $100+HST (certificate); $80+HST (audit)
Location: Room 1002, Tyndale Seminary, 25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto


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