Choose Your Own Adventure

 Event Date(s):   Fri, 2013/09/13 - 4:00pm
 Event Category:   UC Student Council

On Friday, September 13, TUCSA will host the first UC event of the year. Celebrate the end of your first week and choose from any of these exciting activities:

- Trampoline Dodgeball ($2)
- Handball Tournament
- Arts & Music
- Basketball Tournament
- Board Games
- Video Games
- Arts & Music
- Friday Night Hockey
- Film Screening (film to be determined)

Come by and participate in whichever event(s) you choose. We look forward to seeing you there!

- Trampoline Dodgeball requires signup @ kiosk. The bus for the event leaves from the front doors @ 3:45.
- Handball and Basketball require signups @ kiosk.