Damsels and Dodgeballs

 Event Date(s):   Thu, 2014/02/13 - 9:45pm
 Event Category:   UC Student Council

It's Valentine's season, and love dodgeball is in the air. Come celebrate with Tyndale on Thursday, February 13, as we play an exciting new dodgeball themed-game: Damsels and Dodgeballs. We'll start off with a debrief in the chapel at 9:45 PM, and then the game will begin. We hope to see you all there!

Please see the rules below.


For the first half hour of the event, teams will play mini-games throughout the school in order to earn materials to build their fort. There will be varying degrees of difficulty and subsequent degrees of material value (ie. easy game = small object, difficult game = large object). Teams will be given a short amount of time to build their forts in the gym, and then the madness will ensue!

The game is a variation of dodgeball, with four teams competing to have the last damsel standing. Each team is required to hide their damsel in a fort that they have made using the materials provided and earned. The four teams will be separated into marked corners of the gym, with a “no man’s land” between the four forts. Elimination dodgeball rules will apply – if you are hit with a dodgeball from the shoulders down, you will be eliminated. Also, an object from your fort will be brought to the fort of the team that struck you down.


Damsels: each team will have one member who is dressed as a damsel (costume  provided) who must stay alive and remain within the bounds of the team’s corner at all  times. They are allowed to throw the ball and catch it as well, but once they are  eliminated, their entire team is out!

Knights: one team member will act as the Knight, who will wield a shield and be  allowed to enter other teams’ forts, unlike the other civilians. Unlike the civilians, the  Knight may die by a strike to the head.

Dragons: no rules apply. The dragon will do as it pleases, pillaging and killing and  wreaking havoc however he/she sees fit.


If your last name starts with...
A through F: please wear a BLUE shirt.
G through M: please wear a RED shirt.
N through S: please wear a YELLOW shirt.
T through Z: please wear a GREEN shirt.