Growing in Leadership Confidence

 Event Date(s):   Sat, 2013/04/06 -
9:00am to 5:00pm

 Event Category:   Leadership Centre

April 6, 2013
9:00am - 5:00pm

Ballyconnor Campus
Room 1008
25 Ballyconnor Court
Toronto, ON, M2M 4B3

Cost: $99.00 CDN

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Tyndale collaborates with NextLEVEL Leadership to present to you the "Growing in Leadership Confidence" workshop.

Women in ministry everywhere want to be successful in their life and in their leadership.  Yet if you have found that the leadership journey that once beckoned you with promises of profound purpose is leaving you feeling less confident than ever, perhaps it is time for a fresh perspective.  Come and join other gifted women as NextLEVEL Leadership facilitates a day exploring the myths and reality of where your leadership confidence comes from.

If you are struggling with confidence, not quite sure if you are a leader, not quite sure if you can influence in your current role, and not sure how to handle the conflict that arises as part of normal ministry and transition – then this day will offer you resources and a view of integrative leadership that will be sure to inspire you to take your leadership to the next level!  If your desire is to liberate others to use their God-given gifts, and equip and release individuals to reach their full potential, then come and be part of a day that promises to grow your leadership confidence!  You will leave with a renewed sense of purpose, and a growing confidence in your call to lead yourself and others, as well as the confidence to leave a God-given legacy.