Resident Aliens: 25 Years Later

 Event Date(s):   Fri, 2014/05/16 -
9:30am to 4:00pm

 Event Category:   Conference

May 16th, 2014 at 901 Dixon Road, Toronto Airport Mariott

Stanley Hauerwas, William Willimon & more

In this bold and visionary book, two leading Christian thinkers explore the “alien” status of Christians in today’s world and offer a compelling new vision of how the Christian church can regain its vitality, battle its malaise, reclaim its capacity to nourish souls, and stand firmly against the illusions, pretensions, and eroding values of today’s world. Hauerwas and Willimon call for a radical new understanding of the church. By renouncing the emphasis on personal psychological categories, they offer a vision of the church as a colony, a holy nation, a people, a family standing for sharply focused values in a devalued world.

This book was written twenty-five years ago. The authors will be joining us for a day of conversation about this topic and what’s changed.

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