Tyndale Youth Ministry Leadership Conference - November 18, 2017

Tyndale Youth Ministry Leadership Conference

Event Date(s): Sat, 2017/11/18 - 8:00am to 8:00pm
Event Type: Conference

Tyndale invites individuals of all ages who work in youth ministry settings, whether in the church or the marketplace, to participate in this first annual one-day leadership conference.

Our heart for this day is to create a space for youth pastors and their leadership teams to refresh through times of corporate and individual worship, to connect with other youth pastors and lay leaders, and to have the opportunity for continued training in topics that youth leadership is faced with as culture continues to shift around them.

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Location: Tyndale University College & Seminary, 3377 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON
Date: Friday, November 17, 2017 is an ‘Out of Towners’ reception with snacks and greetings for guests staying overnight in our guest rooms. Conference date is Saturday November 18, 2017.
Contact: If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at tymlc [at] tyndale [dot] ca

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Keynote Speakers

Chris Chase

Chris ChaseChris Chase (@thatchrischase on Twitter and Instagram) is a growing Christian of 21 years, married to Rebecca for 12 years, and co-creator of Eliana (8) and Liam (5). He currently serves at Masters College and Seminary overseeing communications, campus pastoring and connecting with churches. When not working, he enjoys laughing over coffees, a good book, staying fit through working out and learning about the heart and the mind.

Topic: The Road Back

Every leader has a breaking point. A point where they can't go any further. What do we do when that happens? Where can we turn? And what can we learn? Let's talk about restarting the journey together.

Brad Noel

Dr. Bradley NoelDr. Brad Noel serves as Director of Pentecostal Studies at Tyndale University College, and has long had a passion for Next Gen ministry. Ordained with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and Labrador since 2000, he has served in a number of youth-related roles, including Provincial Youth Director. One of the highlights of his ministry has been teaching theology at the morning sessions of both Jr. and Sr. High Youth Camps in Newfoundland. This will mark his 17th year teaching teens on topics as varied as hermeneutics, human sexuality, and Christology. Both of his doctoral theses and subsequent publications focused in some way on the connection between church and culture, suggesting creative ways we can effectively reach Generation X, Millennials, and Generation Z. Teaching the church to understand and engage our youngest generations remains one of his life goals and greatest passions.

Topic: GenZ: A New Reality and New Approach

This session will take a look at the various generations currently in the church, leading up to the newest: Generation Z. We’ll compare and contrast GenZ to other generations, particularly the Millennials. In so doing, we’ll explore specific cultural trends that have helped produced the youngest generation, including the ubiquity of social media and sexual fluidity. We will then discuss our response to these trends, and the role of the Church in a post-Christendom era.

Matt Wilkinson

Matt WilkinsonMatt Wilkinson is the Director of Next Generation Ministries for the Canadian Baptists of Ontario & Quebec, Chair of the National Canadian Baptist Youth & Family Ministry Team and Executive Director of Camp Kwasind.  He is a strategic and visionary leader with a committed passion for the local church to effective engage the next generation with the person and message of Jesus Christ.

Matt has been contributing to the world of youth ministry at both local and national levels over the last twenty years. He is the co-director of the Today’s Teens Conference, a cross-Canada speaker, youth ministry instructor at Tyndale University College and author of the book, Youth Ministry: Now & Not Yet.

Matt holds a Masters of Arts focused on Leadership & Evangelism from Wheaton College and Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees from York University. He has furthered his educational endeavours through studies at Tyndale University College and Seminary as well as through the Arrow Leadership program.

He is married to Charity and they live in Burlington, Ontario with their two children, Grace (6) and Joshua (3).  Matt is passionate about the Maple Leafs, Tim Hortons, camp ministry, reaching the next generation and creating random adventures.

Topic: Entering Their World Changes Everything

Discipleship has largely been based upon the ideal of getting youth to church, into small group, attending events, or going on mission trips. While all these elements hold value in the discipleship process, what if we are missing giving the appropriate time and energy to the foundational element that is core to their continual engagement and spiritual growth? The time is now that we need to share life with Generation Z in which we are present more in their world, on their terms, and responding to where they are as we reveal the hope found in Christ.

Breakout Sessions & Speakers

Dr. Carsten Hennings

Dr. Carsten HenningsDr. Hennings has taught at Tyndale University College since 2007. He previously worked in the Canadian and United Kingdom non-profit sectors and in the institutional bond sector. His current academic interests include corporate philanthropy, corporate social and environmental responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

Topic: Planning for Ministry - A Management Perspective

The focus of the session will be on developing ministry plans. Specifically, we will discuss concerns such as staffing, finance, marketing and communicating these to key stakeholders.

Adam Hoskins

Adam HoskinsAdam Hoskins is a worship pastor in Scarborough, currently serving at Global Kingdom Ministries. His heart is to see the next generation find their voice and expression in worship and creativity. Adam is entering his fourth year of marriage with his wife Michelle. When he isn't playing music, you can find him on a basketball court, in his home studio or on social media at @ahoski.

Topic: Social Media: Building Platforms & Healthy Habits

This workshop focuses on building a relevant online presence through social media: learning how to build an online community through Instagram, Youtube and Facebook. We’ll talk about key concepts like sustainability, mobilizing others in your youth group and content that speaks to the platform and followers. Finally, we’ll touch on healthy habits for leaders and youth, and end it off with a GroupMind Session.

Dr. Anthony Hutchinson

Dr. Anthony HutchinsonDr. Anthony Hutchinson, BSc (Psychology, UofT), BSW (York), MSW (McMaster), PhD (WLU) is a doctor of psycho-social clinical practice, psycho-social forensic assessor, clinical and social epidemiologist, and registered social worker. Dr. Hutchinson is currently Department Head and Program Chair in Health and Human Services at Tyndale University College.

Dr. Hutchinson is a national child welfare and youth development expert. In 2005, he was principal investigator and lead author of the Determinants of Health Framework for Urban Youth in Canada. From 2010 through 2014, Dr. Hutchinson was a consulting clinical director for Peel Children’s Aid. Dr. Hutchinson provides psycho-social assessment, diagnosis, and/or treatment in areas of: acquired/traumatic brain injury, including concussion and post-concussion syndrome; mental health and mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and stress management.

Topic: Supporting Youth in the Child Welfare/Children’s Aid Systems & Within Community Housing Contexts

Issues of child protection and youth safety are often misunderstood and poorly managed within contemporary youth ministries, as are matters of anti-oppression conduct in ministry-based organizations. This workshop seeks to bring awareness to critical legislative resources and standards of practice focused on ensuring the protection, safety and well-being of both youth and ministry workers/professionals who intersect within child welfare/Children’s Aid systems as well as within community housing contexts. Outcomes for participants in this session will include professional strengthening and leadership capacity development from the information shared in the workshop.

Christina Hyland

Christina HylandChristina Hyland is a clinical social worker who earned her Masters of Social Work degree at York University. She is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and is also a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers. Christina is also a registered holistic nutritionist.

Christina is shaped by her belief in the intrinsic strength of human beings. She draws on her education and training in a range of therapeutic frameworks, including cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness-based practice, as well as her experience in adolescent and adult mental health. Her areas of specialization include clinical & community social work, mental health and nutrition (including eating disorders), and adolescent mental health.

Topic: Broadening Conceptualizations of Youth Body Image and Eating Disorders

Christina is a doctoral student in social work at the University of Toronto developing research in the area of eating disorders, body image, food insecurity and nutrition. This seminar reveals the current research and incorporates Christina’s practice experience, with the aim of broadening understandings of body image and eating disorders as faced by the youth of our society. Through touching on issues of stigma and social exclusion, Christina further discusses the literature supporting the importance and healing properties of one’s faith in the ongoing recovery of body image concerns and eating disorders. The seminar will conclude with basic nutrition tips and advice to assist youth in deepening their relationship to food, self and God.

Colin Leaver

Colin LeaverColin Leaver is the Executive Director of Quinte Youth Unlimited, a faith based not-for-profit charity. He has worked with YU since 2002, starting as a youth worker, and was invited to take the role of Executive Director in 2008.

Colin grew up in South America with missionary parents and returned to Canada for high school, which has a major influence on his worldview. He loves working in community collaboration with endeavours that mix his passion for youth, community, leadership, transformation stories and Jesus. He is an active leader of his church youth group, leads youth programs for Rotary, and coaches soccer and football in his home town. Colin’s favorite time of day is coming home to play with his 4 boys and lovely wife Deseray.

Topic: Jesus Went to High School Too

Youth ministry is much broader than church youth groups and Sunday school. Learn both the basics and the specialties of taking spiritual development beyond church walls into your local high schools. Schools are the virtually undiscovered back country of youth ministry, and the backbone of adolescent development.

Dave Lombardo

Dave LombardoDave serves as Teaching and Site Pastor at Upper Room Community Church in Vaughan, ON. He loves to talk about Jesus and is convinced that every aspect of Christianity is totally relevant in today’s culture. Dave and his wife Sandra live in Aurora, Ontario with their two sons.

Topic: Leading and Ministering to LGBTQ+ Teens

Every person has been uniquely created by the God who designs with intention. It is typically during the teen years when young people begin to work out their identity and discover their passions. In our short time together, we will explore how God defines human sexuality and how to care for teens across the spectrum.

Tim McCoy

Tim McCoyTim McCoy loves the local church and has a great passion for seeing churches embrace their community with the love, hope and message of Jesus Christ. Since 2010, he has served as Executive Minister for Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec. Prior to this, he served as CBOQ Director of Youth Ministries for four years. Tim is passionate about serving in the role of Executive Minister and the opportunities the position provides to encourage and support CBOQ's ministry leaders serving in its over 350 member churches.

Topic: Burn-Out: How to Protect Against It and What to Do if It Happens

Along the way in Christian ministry, as a paid worker or volunteer leader, we can sometimes experience a sense of fatigue in spiritual, physical and relational ways. We will discuss indicators of these challenging symptoms of a compromised leadership journey and we will explore both proactive and reactive tools to prevent total burnout as a Christian leader. Our responsibility is too great and the mission critical need and goal of discipleship so urgent, that we must be prepared to face this common erosion of joy and creativity in our ministries. I look forward to finding our way through together!

Joey Molloy

Joey MolloySince 1990, Joey has been consumed with ensuring that adolescents and their families have every opportunity to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, as well as grow in their walk with Him. Joey graduated from Briercrest Bible College in 1994 with a BA in Youth Ministry, and from Briercrest Seminary in 2006 with an MA in Youth and Family Ministry. From 2002-2017, Joey served as Pastor of Student Ministries at the Met Bible Church, where he oversaw hundreds of JH and HS students as well as building and training dozens of volunteer adult leaders.

Joey is married to Sheryl and has three children: Sammy (20), Liam (18), and Eleyana (5). When not talking about the Boston Bruins, Joey loves nothing more than talking about youth ministry.

Topic: Practical Ways to Keep Students Fully Engaged in Their Faith and the Church Through the Transitions

The church in Canada is bleeding out, and students don’t seem to be coming back. The good news is: there is good news! During our time together we will be exploring some very strategic ways to engage our students relationally in order to gain the ‘right’ to speak into their hearts and lives. So, if they do decide to leave they will do so knowing the love and truth of God in a tangible way.

Carl Nash

Carl NashCarl Nash is the Ministry Director for Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC). He has worked alongside students for over 25 years, and was the founder of LAUNCH, a leadership development program of Youth Unlimited. Carl has enjoyed working as both a physical therapist and youth pastor, and loves to see God’s love and power transform young lives. He lives in Scarborough with his wife Leanne and their 3 teenage daughters.

Topic: Finding a Mentor, Being a Mentor

Mentoring is a foundational component of youth ministry. But that doesn’t mean it is easy! This workshop will engage in a conversation to help distinguish mentoring from other ‘helping relationships’, discuss creative approaches to mentoring and explore the value of mentoring contracts. Bottom line…if we are in youth ministry, we should have a mentor…and be a mentor!

Karra Overholt

Karra OverholtKarra graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, double majoring in adolescent ministries and leadership. She now works at Church on the Rock as the youth director. Having spoken at youth retreats, camps and training seminars across Canada, she has a passion for youth and seeing them find their identity in Christ, training them to be leaders and helping them fall in love with the local church. Traveling with her father, Dave Overholt, from a very young age, immersed her in youth ministry and fuelled her love for this next generation.

Topic: How to Pastor a Split Youth Group—“Churched” and “Unchurched” Students

Do you have, or would you like to have, a youth group with both unchurched and churched teens? In this workshop we will discover how God can use your Christian teens to help those on the way, meet Jesus. We will be tackling both how to program and communicate for high fun, high faith.

George Sweetman

George SweetmanGeorge Sweetman is the Dean of Student Life at Tyndale, where he has served for over 18 years. Over the years at Tyndale, he’s developed a keen interest in the Christian spiritual practices and how they have animated Christians’ lives through the centuries. In his work with students, he’s invited many of them to enter into some of the practices and, as a result, has watched in wonder and joy how the practices have deeply influenced their lives in and for the sake of Christ. Along with his work at Tyndale, George loves baseball, good design, great writing, wonderful coffee, and his amazing family.

Topic: From Dis-Integration to Congruency: The Spiritual Practices For Today

In a culture of continual technological innovation and apparent progress, we often find ourselves distracted from our truest calling of living the way of Jesus. Even in the frenetic pace of our lives, Christ is beckoning us to lives lived well. As writer and pastor Eugene Peterson says, “If there’s a single word that identifies the contemplative life, it’s congruence - congruence between ends and means, congruence between what we do and the way we do it.” In this workshop, we’ll consider what it means to live “the way of Jesus” and discuss some ancient ideas that have helped Christians through the centuries live congruent lives.

Elliott Yeung

Elliott YeungElliott comes from an eclectic professional background: antique restorer, overseas ESL instructor, pastoral intern with youth, child and youth specialist for a foster care agency, crisis counsellor with a Victim Services agency, a workshop presenter engaged in speaking to schools throughout Toronto on healthy and abusive relationships, and an entrepreneur.

Since graduating with an M.Div in Counselling from Tyndale, he proudly remains part of the community. Elliott has been a part of Tyndale Counselling Services for over five years - first as an intern and then a professional volunteer. This past June, he joined the Family Life Centre to provide therapeutic care to the wider community. He also maintains a private counselling practice in Scarborough. His greatest pride is being a husband and father, and a gentle friend to those who are hurting.

Topic: Counselling Youth 101

In your organization, do you find yourself counselling youth even though this is not your primary role? This workshop covers topics that include legal and ethical considerations to counselling, self-care, and an overview of a few core counselling skills. Participants will leave the session with knowledge and tools that they can implement into their relational ministry.

Worship Leader

Melina Dulluku

Melina DullukuMelina is a vibrant, outgoing artist and worship leader, who came from Albania to Canada as a young child. Since the day of accepting Christ into her heart, Melina has made the decision to use her musical abilities and gifting for the glory of God. Melina serves full time as the Worship & Arts Director at Whitby Christian Assembly in Whitby, ON. At the same time she has a great passion for writing and recording original music that points people to God. She recently released a brand new single, titled, MY WHOLE LIFE CHANGED, available on iTunes. For more info on Melina and her music, visit her website www.melina-d.ca. Find her on iTunes and follow her on Instagram @mdulluku.

Cost & Registration

Cost: $59 per person early bird registration through October 1st, 2017; $79 per person beginning October 2nd, 2017.
Group rate: every fifth youth worker from your church or organization will have FREE admission.
Alumni of Tyndale University College and Seminary receive 20% off both early bird and regular rate.
Current Tyndale University College and Seminary students have a flat registration rate of $25.

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Coffee breaks, lunch meal and dinner meal are covered in the registration fee. Breakfast will not be provided.

On-Site Accommodation

Guest rooms are available at a discounted rate of $27.50 for single guest rooms and $35.00 and $45.00 for guest suites (sleeping two) on a first-come-first-served basis for Saturday, November 18th. All guest rooms are now sold out for the evening of Friday, November 17th. Please contact Sarah Spencer, Reception Coordinator of Campus Services, at sspencer [at] tyndale [dot] ca to book a room.


Parking is free for all participants. We will need your license plate numbers at the event registration desk to waive parking fees.


8:00am - 9:00am: Event registration
9:00am - 12:40pm: Main session and breakout sessions with coffee breaks in between
12:40pm - 2:00pm: Lunch break
2:00pm - 5:40pm: Main session and breakout sessions with coffee breaks in between
5:40pm - 6:30pm: Dinner break
6:30pm - 8:00pm: Closing main session


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