Resources for Students

These resources are for current Tyndale University College Students to help them complete their majors at Tyndale.

Administrative Resources

  • The Academic Calendar - Your one major resource concerning most academic matters.
  • The Dean's Memo - A letter to students concerning the specifics of the coming year in terms of Faculty and Course Offerings.

Resources Concerning Specific Majors

  1. Sonoma State University and World Wide Learn have information on what can be done with a degree in Business Administration
  2. Colorado State University and the University of British Columbia both have articles on career prospects for English BA graduates.
  3. Why study history? Peter Stearns gives his answer in an article for the American Historical Association. North CarolinaStateUniversity's history department has a general guide to possible career paths for history majors.
  4. Why study philosophy? Here are three relevant links from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
  5. Why study psychology? Take a look at a University of Calgary document entitled "Employment and Careers in Psychology." A former professor, Dr. Veenvliet, has also put together a guide of Canadian schools offering post-graduate training in various types of counselling psychology programs.
  6. NazarethCollege has a website on what a religious studies major can prepare you for career-wise.