Tyndale Faculty

Dr. Mark Chapman

Associate Professor of Research Methods
 Seminary Faculty
» mchapman@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2208

Dr. Derek Chisholm

Adjunct Professor of Business Administration
 University College Faculty
» DChisholm@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Rev. Dr. Anthony Chow

Adjunct Professor of Christian Education (CCST)
 Seminary Faculty
» achow@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Dr. Janet Clark

Senior Vice President Academic
 Seminary Faculty
» jclark@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2235

Dr. Eric Crouse

Professor of History and Global Studies
 University College Faculty
» ecrouse@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6754

Prof. Rick Cunningham

Assistant Professor of Education
 University College Faculty
» rcunningham@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2226

Dr. Rupen Das

Research Professor of Social Justice, Compassion and Development
 Seminary Faculty
» rdas@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Dr. Alan Davey

Adjunct Professor of Christian Ministries
 University College Faculty
» adavey@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.0

Dr. Elizabeth Davey

Associate Professor of English
 University College Faculty
» EDavey@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6713

Dr. Melissa Davis

Assistant Professor of Music & Worship Arts
 University College Faculty
» mdavis@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2178