Tyndale Faculty

Dr. Dennis Ngien

Professor of Systematic Theology
 Seminary Faculty
» dngien@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2763

Dr. Bradley Noel

Director of Pentecostal Studies
 University College Faculty
» bnoel@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2144

Dr. Helen Noh

Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology
 Seminary Faculty
» hnoh@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2118

Dr. Nathanael Ojong

Assistant Professor, International Development
 University College Faculty
» nojong@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2211

Rev. Dr. David Overholt

Adjunct Professor of Youth and Family Ministries
 Seminary Faculty
» doverholt@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2713

Dr. James Pedlar

Assistant Professor of Wesley Studies and Theology
 Seminary Faculty
» jpedlar@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2215

Dr. Fred Penney

Adjunct Professor of Homiletics
 Seminary Faculty
» fpenney@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2656

Dr. Madison Pierce

Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology
 University College Faculty
» mpierce@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6703

Dr. Vincent Poon

Professor Emeritus, Counselling
 Seminary Faculty
» vpoon@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.6786

Dr. Benjamin Reynolds

Associate Professor of New Testament
 University College Faculty
» breynolds@tyndale.ca | 416-226-6620 ext.2145