Dr. Terry LeBlanc

Dr. Terry LeBlanc

Indigenous Studies Program Director
Elder of the B.Ed. Program

416.226.6620 Ext. 2229

Ph.D., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2012;

Areas of specialization: Intercultural Studies, Mission, Theology, World Religions.

Professor LeBlanc is a Mi’kmaq-Acadian. He has been active in full-time vocational ministry with the Native North American community since 1978. He is currently CEO and Director of My People International and NAIITS.  He has convened and chaired many initiatives within the Native community – both Christian and non-Christian. As a consequence, Professor LeBlanc’s interest in formal education has been diverse. He has been the recipient of three fellowships and the Student of Highest Distinction award. He completed his Ph.D. at Asbury Theological Seminary.

NAIITS Faculty

  • Ray Aldred, Cree, Th.D. (Cand) (Wycliffe College, University of Toronto)
  • Cheryl Bear, Carrier Sekani, D.Min. (Masters University)
  • Cornelius A. Buller, Ph.D. (McMaster University)
  • Shalene Jobin, Cree/Metis, Ph.D. (University of Alberta)
  • Jeanine Lowe LeBlanc, Mi'kmaq-Acadian, M.Div. (Asbury)
  • Jennifer LeBlanc, Mi'kmaq-Acadian, M.Div. (Sioux Falls)
  • Terry LeBlanc, Mi'kmaq-Acadian, Ph.D (Asbury)
  • Jacqueline Ottmann, Saulteaux, Ph.D. (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Wendy Peterson, Métis, Ph.D. (ABD) (Asbury)
  • Andy Reimer, P.hD. (Sheffield)
  • Shari Russell, Saulteaux, M.A. (Providence)
  • Michael Rynkiewich, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota)
  • Catherine Schull, Metis, M.A. (McGill)
  • Patrick Scott, Ph.D. (University of Dundee, Scotland)
  • Andrea Smith, Cherokee-Ojibway, Ph.D. (University of California Santa Cruz)
  • Justine Smith, Cherokee-Ojibway, Ph.D. (Harvard University)
  • Randy Woodley, Keetoowah, Ph.D. (Asbury)
  • Danny Zacharias, Ojibway, Ph.D. (Cand) (Aberdeen)


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