Work Restrictions

Current immigration guidelines can be found on the website for Citizenship & Immigration Canada, and these do not allow international students to work in Canada while enrolled in studies. Students in Canada with a Study Permit may accept a job only at the institution where they are studying.

A few employment opportunities are available on campus to provide assistance with a student's financial situation. If you are interested, you will need to submit a resume to our Human Resources Department to apply for employment on campus. Please note that jobs are limited and cannot be guaranteed. Students should not expect to finance their education in Canada through part-time work, and the Canadian government requires individuals who are here on study permits to study full time (at least 4 courses per semester). However, spouses of students may apply to the Canadian government (at a cost of $150) for a non-specific work permit, which will enable them to apply for general types of employment while in Canada.

Learn more from our Employment Fact Sheet.