How To: Print Anywhere

What is PrintAnywhere?
  • PrintAnywhere is a special print queue that allows print jobs to be released/printed at any one of several printers within the campus.


Who will use PrintAnywhere?
  • The PrintAnywhere functionality is primarily designed for Student use however; it can also be used by Staff & Faculty.


What are the benefits of PrintAnywhere?
  • No need to select your printer from a list of printers.
  • Print jobs can be released from several printers at the Bayview campuses.
  • There is no uncertainty about where your print job is waiting for you.
  • There is no more waiting for a specific printer to be available.


Which Tyndale printers support PrintAnywhere?


  • Computer Lab down the Registration Hall in room E317
  • Library Level 200 – both colour printers near the circulation desk
  • QEW Canon – outside the Seminary Administration office
  • DVP Level 400 – Outside the IT hall in room F400B
  • B.Ed Library – in the Education Library
  • B.Ed Admin – outside the Education Administration offices
  • See Floor Plans below for Bayview floor plans


Which Tyndale computers will allow me to use PrintAnywhere?
  • By default, the PrintAnywhere printer will be installed on all computers in the Computer Lab, Main Library & the Education Library.
  • Staff & Faculty will have access to PrintAnywhere but may be required to connect to the print queue.


What is the process for releasing my print job when I use PrintAnywhere?
  1. Open your application and/or document
  2. Initiate a print (typically File > Print or CTRL + P)
  3. From the list of printers select PrintAnywhere, see below Figure 1



  1. Select Printer Properties if you need to select any options such as colour or double sided
  2. Select the Print button
  3. If using a PC in the Computer Lab, you will be prompted with a window that displays the cost of this print job
  4. Select Accept to proceed with the print job
  5. The print job is now waiting in the PrintAnywhere queue
  6. Proceed to the printer you wish to use
  7. Swipe your card
  8. Logon to the printer using your Student Card or Staff Card
  9. Release your print job as per the instructions at


Floor Plans

Ballyconnor First Floor

Ballyconnor Second Floor

Bayview Basement

Bayview First Floor