Live @ Edu Calendar

Your Live @ Edu account includes more than just e-mail.  You will also have access to a personal calendar to use in organizing your schedule, managing appointments, and sending reminders.

To access your calendar, log into your Live @ Edu e-mail account and select Calendar from the lower left corner of your inbox.



Creating Appointments

To add a new appointment on your calendar:

  1. Select New and the appointment window will appear

  1. Enter the information you need to ensure you are prepared:
    1. Subject (Required):  A brief title to show when you glance at the calendar.
    2. Location (Optional)
    3. Start Time (Required):  Choose the date and time when the appointment begins
    4. End Time (Required):  Choose the date and time when the appointment ends.  Note:  the default appointment length is one hour.
    5. Reminder:  Set a time in advance of the appointment to show a reminder
    6. Show time as:  Choose a category to show others if you are busy, away, or free.
    7. You may also add attachments or images, set the event to repeat (see below), invite others to the appointment, change the importance level, manage categories, and add extra details.
  2. To add the appointment to your calendar, select Save and Close
  3. To return to the calendar without saving changes, press the X at the top right of the window.


Setting an Appointment to Repeat

You can set an appointment to repeat at a number of different intervals.  To set your appointment to repeat:

  1. From the new appointment screen, select the Repeat icon

  1. Set the appropriate settings
    1. Appointment Time:  Select the Start time and End time, or the Start time and duration.
    2. Repeat Pattern:  Select the interval you wish to have the appointment repeat.  e.g.  Select Weekly, Repeat every 1 week on Tuesday from 11:30 - 12:15 for Community Chapel.
    3. Range of Repetition:  Select the time frame for your appointment to repeat
  2. Select OK to save changes.

To Change Views

You can choose between 1 day, work week (M-F), calendar week (7 days), and month views by selecting the appropriate button from above the calendar.