How To: Tyndale Printing Services

How to Tap Your Tyndale Card

  1. Each of Ricoh multi-function printers is equipped with a tap RFID reader
  2. The RFID readers can be found on the right hand side of each unit
  3. For best results tap the Tyndale card with the magnetic stripe on the RFID reader swiftly
  4. Examine the screen on the printer for indications that your card was read

How to Register Your Tyndale Card

In order to copy, print or scan you must login to the printer

The first time you tap your card at one of the printers, you must login. This login will connect your card with your Tyndale printing account. Once this is complete you will only need to tap your card to use Tyndale's printing services.

First time using your card:

  1. Tap your Tyndale card on the RFID reader
  2. If your card has been read you will recieve the message "Your card is not known to the system. Please press next to associate your card with an account"