How To: Bayview Classroom A/V

Each classroom on the Bayview Campus is equipped with a lecturn complete with the technology required to work the Classroom A/V system.

Classroom Lecterns

Logging in

IP Phone

For immediate technical support, please make use of the lecturn mounted telephone

To contact Reception:  Lift the receiver, dial 0 and press SEND

To contact IT:  Lift the receiver, dial 4361 and press SEND


The computer is located on the bottom right shelf of the lectern.

The power button is located on the front of the computer.

The Projector

Once logged in, you can control the projector with the On-Screen Projector Remote.

As per Figure 5, when the Status Display reads “Ready” the projector is ready to be turned on. If not ready, the Status Display usually reads “Warming Up” or “Cooling Down”, when this is the case the On/Off, Blank/Unblank buttons are grayed out. Please wait while the projector prepares and comes to a ready position

Volume Controls

There are two sets of volume controls. One is located on what is called the Mixer [Figure 6] which is on the top left shelf.  (See Classroom Lecturn image for location) As seen below, the white knob labeled “Computer” controls the computer volume, while the red knob is the “Master” and overrides all other knobs.

The second volume control is located within the Windows operating system and can be accessed via an icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.


Connecting a Laptop

Each lectern has a VGA + 3.5mm Audio combination cable, connect this cable to your laptop to have display of your laptop projected onto the projection screen.  Please note:  You will need to be logged into the podium computer and use the on-screen remote to control the projector.  Once the laptop is plugged in, the projector display will show the laptop.  To show the display from the podium computer, simply unplug the VGA cable from the laptop and the projector will automatically switch.

If you are using an Apple MacBook computer, you will require a Mini Display Port to VGA adaptor to connect to the projector.  This adaptor is not supplied by the Tyndale I.T. Department.  Note:  Some older Macintosh computers come equipped with a different port other than the Mini Display Port.  Be sure to check which port exsts on your model of Macintosh before buying an adaptor.

Updated October 2012.