How To: MyTyndale: Grade Submission

Option 1:  From Grading and Advising
  1. After logging into MyTyndale, select the Academics tab

  1. Select Grading and Advising, if not already selected

  1. Select Grade Entry from the Go Directly To drop-down menu next to the course title

  1. You will be taken to the Update Student Grades screen

  1. Select the appropriate grade for each student from the drop-down menu under Final Grade.
  2. When complete, select Save to submit grades
Option 2:  From the Gradebook
  1. From your course page on MyTyndale, select Gradebook

  1. Select Setup

  1. Select Submit Your Grades

  1. Review the final letter grades and absences before selecting Submit Selected Grades.  Optionally, you may submit select student grades by unchecking the box beside the students whose grades you do not wish to submit.

Note:  The Final Grade will be based off the information that is in the Gradebook.  Please ensure your Gradebook records are complete before submitting your grades.