How To: MyTyndale: Gradebook and Coursework

  1. After logging in to MyTyndale, select the Academics Tab

  1. From the Academics Tab, select Course Page Resources

  1. Select the Course Name to go to the course page.  If you course is not listed, you may need to select Past or Future Courses from the dropdown menu


Set up the Gradebook
  1. Select Gradebook from the left menu

  1. Select Continue to set up the Gradebook

  1. Select Save to use "Basic Mode -- Points"

  1. Select Save to use "Units".  You will be taken to the Gradebook main page

Enable +/- Grades
  1. Select Set Letter Grade Values

  1. Select Use +/- to enable +/- grades

  1. Select Save
  2. Return to Grade Submission Page by selecting Setup
Create Coursework and Weight Assignments
  1. Select Coursework from the left menu

  1. Select Add an Assignment

  1. Enter the following information
    1. Assignment Name
    2. Format (Offline - submitted directly to instructor, File Exchange - Submitted by File Upload via MyTyndale, Online - Online activity that calculates grade)
    3. Type (category)
    4. Required (Required, Extra Credit, or Optional)
    5. Grade Method (Graded, Credit/No Credit, Not Graded)
    6. Out of:  ___ Points (Select total marks for assignment)

  1. Select the Unit, add a Description, and any Instructions for students

  1. Select Start Date, Due Date, time to show the Grade, and any relevant files (Due dates are required)

  1. Select Save when complete
Adding Units
  1. Select Coursework from the left menu

  1. Select Add a Unit

  1. Enter the Unit Name and Description

  1. Select Save
Managing Types
  1. Select Manage Types

  1. Select Add a Type

  1. Enter the Type Name

  1. Select Save
  2. You may now add assignments to this type