Outlook Web App (OWA)

The Outlook Web App is a useful tool to remain connected while away from your desk.  To access it, browse to exchange.tyndale.ca in a web browser.

Enter your Tyndale username and password and select Sign In.

Microsoft Outlook WebApp sign-in screen

You will be taken to your inbox.

Microsft Outlook WebApp main screen with various options numbered and highlighted

Tasks you can do in your inbox

  1. Create a new e-mail message
  2. Switch between your Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks
  3. Reply | Reply All | Forward
  4. Search the Global Address List for a contact

Useful Features in Outlook Web App Settings

You can customize your Web Access experience by selecting the Options menu.

Microsoft Outlook WebApp inbox with "Options" menu item highlighted


Tell people you're on vacation:  Manage Out of Office Replies

Change your Password:  Change your password through web access.  This will change it for all Tyndale Services that use your Windows logon.

Organize E-mail

Inbox Rules:  Automatically organize e-mail as it comes into your mailbox

Automatic Replies:  Manage Out of Office Replies


E-mail Signature:  Manage your signature for messages sent through Web Access.

Message Format:  Customize what your messages look like when sending through Web Access