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SPAM in a can.

It is a tasty (?) substitute for meat.  But it is not real meat.  Likewise, Junk E-mail (also known as Spam – not from a can), is not real e-mail.

Outlook has a helpful feature that will move suspect Spam e-mail messages into the Junk E-mail folder.  The following will increase the likelihood of an email getting moved to your Junk E-Mail folder:

  • No subject, Blank sender
  • Blank recipients (BCC: with no address in the To: field)
  • Suspect sender domain
  • The message body is only a link

You can flag messages that are not marked as Spam by right clicking on them in your Outlook Inbox, selecting Junk E-mail, followed by Block Sender.  Alternatively, if a legitimate e-mail gets flagged as Spam, you can right click on the E-mail message, select Junk E-mail, followed by Never Block Sender.

Visit Microsoft’s help site for more information on Outlook Junk E-mail filtering.