IT Support Services Survey

In an effort to evaluate and improve Tyndale's IT Support Services, a survey has been created and distributed among staff and faculty in the Tyndale community who have submitted HelpDesk requests.  This survey will be repeated every 4-6 months as a means to continually evaluate and improve the level of service we provide.

August 2012 Survey

At the end of August, 2012, a survey measuring IT Support Services was sent to 118 individuals who had completed a HelpDesk request that had been resolved and/or closed between January 1, 2012 and July 31, 2012.  Out of the 118 recipients, 59 responded within the three week period the survey was open.  29 individuals responded to the question “Please tell us about your experience with Tyndale’s IT Support Services.” 15 responded to the “Other Comments” question.

Most of the comments were positive, highlighting the appreciation for IT Support and the quality service that they offer.  A small number offered reflections on their experience.  In all cases, the concerns highlighted in the comments were not the result of negative feelings towards IT Support , as shown by the quantitative results in the rest of the survey being overwhelmingly positive. 

Highlights / Praise

  • Classroom phone set
  • Appreciation for flexibility with diverse technology experiences
  • Responsive, helpful, and solution oriented
  • In most cases, response time is quick

Service Concerns

  • Part time instructors hesitant to contact IT Services
  • Concern re: service over lunch hour for classes that start at 1:00 PM
  • “Service can be sharp or dismissive at times”
  • AQ request may take longer period of time to resolve
  •  “It seems IT does not have enough manpower to deal with non-project related requests”


  • Would like to know priority of request to know approximate time to resolution
  • Online training for those who cannot attend training sessions
  • Would like permissions to install Adobe Reader updates on computers

Apple Products

  • Seems to be a reluctance to provide support to Apple users
  •  “I wish you supported Apple products.  Half the seminary faculty have and use them, including the President – but have to find individual workarounds since Tyndale seems to be a Windows-only world.”
  • “Generally very helpful – especially in a Mac environment”
Service Improvements Since August 2012 Survey

The following improvements have been undertaken since the first IT Support Services Survey in August 2012:

  • IT Support Service Commitment created and approved
  • IT Support is available during lunch hours (Monday - Thursday)
  • Support office door signage has improved
  • Tutorials and general IT information added to
  • Not necessarily a service improvement, but some may be pleased to know the orange IT shirts have been retired
The Survey

IT Staff and Service

  • IT Support Staff are friendly and approachable
  • The IT Support Office is a welcoming environment
  • The Tyndale IT Department contributes positively to the campus community


  • The IT Support Staff initially respond to my requests in a timely fashion
  • Communication from IT Support is clear and in language I can understand
  • IT Support Staff treat me with dignity and respsect during the support process


  • The HelpDesk is easy to use
  • The HelpDesk has clear options to use while categorizing my request
  • The HelpDesk is helpful in tracking my requests from initial contact through resolution


  • Please tell us about your experience with Tyndale's IT Support Services
  • Other comments