Tyndale IT Services

Computer Use and Code of Behaviour

The following computer services are available to all students at Tyndale. Please note that access and usage of these services is subject to the Acceptable Use Policy (provided online at www.tyndale.ca/it).

Student Web Portal:  MyTyndale.ca

The student web portal can be found at:  www.mytyndale.ca. This site provides news and information for students and is designed to be the main portal for online services such as e-mail, class registration, course pages, grade reports, tax forms, and much more.

MyTyndale Account
Your unique MyTyndale account will be created automatically. This account will be used to access the various services provided by the I.T. Department.

Your username is your last name, followed by your first name up to a maximum of 11 characters. For example, if your name is John Smith, your user name would be ‘smithjohn’. If your name is Alexander Smith, your user name would be ‘smithalexan’. If you are unsure of your username, you may look it up by visiting www.mytyndale.ca/ics/My_Account.jnz. Appeals regarding your username may be made by sending an email to: StudentITHelp@tyndale.ca.

Your default password is your student ID number. Please change your password as soon as possible by visiting: www.mytyndale.ca, logging in, and selecting My Account on the left side of the page.

If you forget your password or username please click “My Account” on the left menu of www.mytyndale.ca and follow the instructions.

MyTyndale Web Services

Office365 E-mail
MyTyndale email services are offered to every student and are maintained for the life of that student. You have 25 GB of storage dedicated for storage of email including attachments.  Given the possibility that spam filters could block messages coming from external email accounts, it is recommended that students use their @mytyndale.ca e-mail when communicating with Tyndale Faculty and Staff to ensure e-mail delivery.

Office365 OneDrive
OneDrive is a great place to store all your important documents - it allows you to store up to 25 GB of data in your own personal drive. This is a great way to ensure you don't lose that large paper the night before when your computer crashes. You can access your OneDrive from within your MyTyndale email by clicking [OneDrive] in the header.

Office365 Applications
Don't want to pay for an office suite on your computer?  Do you run a different operating system (Linux, OSx)?  Why not work on the cloud?  With Office365 applications you will have access to some key pieces of software to help you be successful in your academic career. You are able to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even OneNote (Note Management Software) and have all of your documents saved to your personal OneDrive. Not only do you have access to your files anywhere you can also collaborate/coauthor with group members or other students simply. These services are all accessible through OneDrive.

Computer Labs

Free access to computers has been made available for Tyndale students in the computer labs located in the main library, room 2081 and the B. Ed. Library. All lab computers at Tyndale run on Windows 7 and can be accessed with your MyTyndale username and password. Please note that the computer labs will be closed during Tuesday Community Chapels.

Printing is available in all computer labs. The cost of printing is $0.06 per page for black and white and $0.35 per page for colour.   Prices are subject to change.

Computers in all labs will be monitored and if misuse is evident free access will be restricted on an individual or corporate basis. If anyone becomes aware of another person using the computers inappropriately, they are encouraged to speak directly to that person with the reminder that the expectation of all students is that they will behave in ways which are consistent with Christian values. If that behaviour continues, the guidelines for discipline procedures are to be followed.

Wireless Internet Access

Free Internet access is provided via a wireless network installed on the Tyndale campuses. Wireless network coverage includes the Tyndale residence areas as well as all common areas (i.e. Katimavik, Seminary lounge, Muffin Shop), most classrooms, the chapel on the Ballyconnor Campus, and all areas of the B. Ed facility on the Bayview Campus. Please note that your computer must have an 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n compatible wireless network adapter installed in order to access the wireless network.  Wireless printing is not available.

There should be adequate wireless coverage in all areas of the residence. However, in some cases you may need to leave your room door open to receive a stable signal. Please report any problem areas relating to wireless coverage to the IT Department by emailing StudentITHelp@tyndale.ca.

Bachelor of Education Specific

For the B.Ed. Teacher Candidates (TC’s), MyTyndale.ca serves as the portal through which to access Tyndale OnLine, Tyndale's on-line Learning Management System (LMS). Through this portal, TC's will find the Calendar for the B.Ed. program as well as a web-based support page for each of their courses. Course syllabi and key documents are posted on these pages. TC's are expected to visit this site at least once a week for program updates.

Classroom Laptop Computers – Bayview Campus
The laptop computers are stored in each of the two classrooms. They are available for Teacher Candidate use during scheduled school days. Teacher Candidate’s must register the laptop they wish to use in the book provided on the cart (sign- out and sign-in). At no time are the laptops to be taken outside of the B.Ed. facility.

Technical Support

To obtain technical support in the usage of the computer services provided at Tyndale, please contact the IT Department by email at StudentITHelp@tyndale.ca, or by calling 416-226-6620 x4357 (HELP).

Students, Faculty, and Staff are responsible for the understanding and care of their personal computers, peripherals, and mobile devices, both hardware and software.

For hours of operation and additional support information please visit:  www.tyndale.ca/it